Sardik offer a full range of impellers to suit all applications. As with all components of Sardiks Agitators, the impeller may be customised to suit specific applications, by enhancing the impeller with:

  • Bolt-on Blades (for easier installation in to tanks)
  • Stabaliser Fins
  • Stabaliser Rings (stablisers for use at increased shaft lengths)
  • Rubber Coating (increases abrasion resistance in harsh environments, such as ore processing)
  • TeflonTM Covering
  • HalarTM Covering (protects against chemical corrosion)
  • Electropolishing (for use in the food/pharmaceutical industries. Simplifies cleaning)
  • Reverse Helixes
  • Polyurethane Covering

The choice of materials used in the manufacture is customised also, to suit the operational environment of the wetted components of the mixer. Chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, weight and cost can all be factored in to provide parts to suit individual requirements.

Typical materials used by Sardik include:

  • 316, 304, 2205, 2207 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Hastelloy
  • Bisalloy
  • Titanium

Other materials can be used on request

Hydrofoil Impeller

This design of axial flow impeller is the most flow efficient impeller for low viscosity blending applications. It is also used on solid suspension mixing applications where a relatively low concentration of solids are present. It provides high flow per unit of power.

Pitch Blade Turbine

The pitch blade turbine is more flow efficient than the radial style impeller, and produces more shear than hydrofoil impellers. It is the impeller of choice when both flow velocity and fluid shear is required.
This is the least expensive design axial flow impeller.

Marine Impeller

An efficient axial flow style impeller, often used on marine propulsion. Mostly employed on portable and fixed mount mixers upto 2.2kW, and on larger side entering mixers. Marine propellers are the best flow producers of the basic "open environment" impellers. This style is sometimes referred to as a "mid solidity" design.

Radial Blade Impeller

Is selected when very low mixing levels require an impeller located near the tank bottom, or when very high torque is required for blending applications at the expensive of flow efficiency.


Folding Impeller

Folding impellers are much like marine impellers, however they are only available as a 2 blade design.The folding design allows the impeller to pass through a 50mm hole on a closed tank or drum.


Dispersion Discs

The sardik dispersion disc is a toothed design, which is tuned to provide radial flow. the impeller is operated at high speed to provide high shear with moderate flow. Typical applications include: dispersion of pigments in paint, inks and dyes, as well as gas entranement in low viscosity oils etc.

The miller dispersion disc is a high shear design for dispersion of difficult to wet powder into liquids. Due to blade angle, this style is able to generate higher flows and is therefore used in higher viscosity
dispersion such as paint mill bases.