Industrial Mixing Equipment

Sardik manufacture a full range of mixers to suit a variety of industrial applications, with many options available to suit individual requirements. Sardik mixers range in size from 0.25kW upto 150kW, and are available in various mounting configurations.

Sardik provides mixers for the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Food/Wine
  • Water Treatment
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing
  • Paint, Ink and Resin
  • Hair Care Production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Effluent treatment
  • Petro-chemical
  • Chemical and plant


Portable Mixers

Available in sizes upto 2.2kW, our portable range of mixers is suitable for tanks upto around 4000 liters, open or closed, with various mounting options.

Top Entry Mixers

Available in sizes up to 150kW, our Top Entry range of mixers can be customised to suit tanks of any size, for any degree of mixing.

IBC Tank Mixers

Available in sizes upto 3kW, our IBC Mixer range is supplied with Sardik's proprietery tank mounting hardware, or with cam lock fitings for easy mounting onto standard IBC frame tanks.

Special Mixers

From time to time, Sardik is commissioned to do special one-off mixers to address special requirements in the mixing industry.