Portable Mixers

High Speed (HSP) & Slow Speed (SSP)
Portable mixers are not permanently mounted and are used for mixing small vessels such as drums.
Portable mixers are low power and are not suitable for large mixing applications.
All Mixers are Fully Customised to suit your application.

Motor Options

  • 3 Phase 415 Volt IP55 (standard)
  • Geared Motors for Slow Speed Mixers
  • 1 Phase 240v Motors other voltages for international markets available
  • IP56, IP66 etc
  • Air Drive Motors
  • Flame Proof

Mounting Options

  • G‐Clamp Assembly with Sardik Swivel Clamp
  • Wall & Floor Mount Stands With Sardik Swivel Clamp
  • Cup Mounting Plate
  • IBC Frame Mounting

Impeller Options

  • Sardik High Efficiency Hydrofoil (standard)
  • Pitch Blade Turbines
  • Dispersion Discs
  • Paddle Mixers
  • Non Clogging Turbines