About Us

Sardik is wholly Australian owned and was established in 1947. Sardik focuses on customer needs, design of mixers, manufacturing, quality assurance including R&D for fluid mixing, and processing applications to suit all industries.

Utilising over 60 years of experience in agitator design and manufacture, Sardik provides high quality mixing equipment and services which conform to our customers specific requirements.

Sardik utilise the latest in computer systems for the selection and design of mixing equipment. These systems, along with our Mission Critical Quality Assurance program, are integrated with our well equipped manufacturing plants ensuring the high quality equipment that Sardik Engineering has become known for.

  • Computer Aided Design Systems and In-house mixer Design Programs
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Quality Assurance and Extensive Research & Development
  • Australia's Leading Mixer company in Design and Manufacturing

Sardik is at the forefront of Engineering & Design within the mixer industry. We possess state of the art computer aided design systems, such as our own in-house CAD Mixer Design Program. This inā€house program has been developed over many years, and provides the best possible solutions in custom mixer manufacturing.