IBC Mixers

In response to the requirement of mixing products in an Schultz Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), Sardik has developed a range of Bridge Mounted IBC Mixers to suit a variety of fluids.

For low viscosity liquid suspensions, Sardik utilises a motor to directly drive a shaft and either a pair of small diameter props, or a single prop. This style IBC Mixer is suited to fertalisers, soda ash, PAC, and a variety of other suspensions which may need to be stirred before use.

For low-shear applications such as Polymer, Sardik provides a gear driven mixer, with folding propellers for easy removal from the tank. Alternatively for applications where the IBC tank is used as part of a line process we can supply non removable type blades which will require installation inside the tank. This gear driven mixer is also suited to heavier applications such as paint resins.

All IBC mixers are supplied on a forklift capable mounting frame, which clamps to the aluminium IBC cage. This mixers can also be supplied with a Frequency Inverter (unwired) if requested.

In addition to mixers for plastic IBC tanks, Sardik also produces a lid mounted mixer to suit the Stainless Steel 1,000L type IBC Tote tanks (EBC).

If you would like a quote for any of your IBC Tote Tank Mixing requirements, please contact us.