Projects completed


Black Newsprint manufacturing designed and installed   


Newsprint colour manufacturing, the hydraulic press is to fill out (as the product is high viscosity) & this one is doing 2,200L batches. The mill that can be seen behind the press is a Buhler mill. The HSD’s in the background were fabricated by us & has a high speed down the centre of the anchor mixer.


This is a C2 tank farm consisting of 3 x 30kL, 1 x 60kL (one on the end & was re-used)  6 x 40kL & 1 x 50kL. All tanks are jacketed & heated by oil. The system itself is controlled by SCADA (Citect) over an Alan Bradley PLC. It is semi automated in that the operator chooses to pump product into a vessel & the system does it. Pipelines are heat traced & pumps/pipelines installed by us. 

Let down vessel (15kL0 with a mixer & an HSD with an anchor blade – Basically the same as previously described. Manufactured & install by us.


Above dangerous goods storage plant


DG tank farm & again hooked up to a Citect system for pumping to process tanks. 



Install of piping, electrical & services. The tin room in the background is designated to a black product & has it’s on mechanical ventilation to ensure no dust/powder comes out into the manufacturing area. 


Words here = The Rexon dispenser was installed by us with a significant amount of intricate pipework. This was actually done with a robotic pipe welder.



Part of a turnkey project with us fabricating the Mezz floor, mixing vessels, HSD’s for inside the tanks, rollover gates, pipework, control system etc. Install of other supplied components such as the bulk powder unloading system & overhead cranes..



Powder blending plant designed and constructed by us



Mixer supply for Prospect water treatment plant for Sydney’s drinking supply.