Sardik Special Duty Hydraulic Boom Mixers

Suitable for mixing in drums and other similarly sized vessels, this range of mixers is heavily customised to suit your demanding applications.

Traditional agitation is not producing the desired results and the quality of your mixed product is not meeting your strict quality control measures. That’s where the Sardik Special Duty Hydraulic Boom Mixer (SSDHBM) is here and custom-designed to solve all of your problems.

Each mixer is comprehensively designed with your input to ensure that consistent results are achieved with every mix. This range of mixers is perfect for mixing raw materials that may have been in transport from suppliers for months and consequentially, the product is now unusable without a comprehensive mixing regime to achieve the desired quality.

The SSDHBM features an autonomous control system that precisely controls the agitator speed and can cycle the impeller up and down through the fluid as required. Particularly useful with very thick products over 100,000cps or where solids have solidified and hardened in the bottom of the container.


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