Slow Speed Top Entry Mixers

The workhorse of the Sardik range, the Slow Speed Top Entry Mixer (SST) is the most versatile and most power-efficient mixer we supply.

It is suitable for tanks from 500L up to 10,000L and up to 2m in diameter. These mixers are fitted with a gearbox which increases the shaft torque and thus efficiency and allows the use of larger more efficient impeller designs.

The Sardik SST mounts to a tank via a 150NB (6”) Table D Mounting flange. It can also be supplied with our optional pipe stand which is attached to the ground to provide a sturdy mounting for the mixer above the tank. This option is popular for use with Rotomoulded Industrial Poly Tanks.

Typical applications for this mixer would be:

All Sardik mixers feature a 316 stainless steel shaft and impeller as standard.

We ship our High Speed G-Clamp Mixers anywhere in Australia for our customers as well as providing second-to-none after-sales phone support should you have any issues.

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