Unity Water Case Study

wastewater treatment plant

Overview & Context :

Unity Water recently enlisted our help to solve a problem in a wastewater treatment plant located in Kawana on the Sunshine Coast. They had been encountering problems with mixing performance and machine reliability with two agitators supplied by competing mixing companies

The tanks posed a unique challenge

The situation at Kawana is unique as these Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) tanks contain a special type of plastic bead media. The media is designed to promote the growth of bacteria and this Kawana plant is the first location to use this technology in Australia.

This posed a significant challenge for the original supplier of the mixer and they were unable to provide a working solution.

We visited Unity Water to find a solution

We conducted a site visit to identify the unique requirements of the customer. As a result, we specified a Sardik Heavy Duty Top Entry mixer, featuring our unique, anti-ragging and high flow impellers. These offer great efficiency, specifically for use in wastewater treatment applications.

You can see the difference in mixing performance

Looking at the images of our competitor’s mixing result and our Heavy Duty Top Entry mixer’s result, you can see the difference in mixing performance.

You’ll notice that the plastic beads are mostly floating and not wet with the competing mixer, whereas with our Sardik mixer –which promotes much better flow– the beads are barely visible.

The Sardik mixer works by wetting out the plastic beads and ensuring they are in solution with the water, to be mixed properly.

In addition to the basic mixing requirement being met, the Sardik mixer was also able to do so with a 30 per cent reduction in power consumed (33kw vs 23kw), and with vastly improved reliability.

This is due to the use of a support pedestal featuring a second shaft support with its bearing separate from the gearbox. There was also no damage to the plastic beads as a result of a much slower shaft speed (48rpm vs 28rpm).


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